Top 10 Craft Supplies For Last Minute Activities

Mom Under the Palm

With preschools and childcare centers being closed for COVID-19, it’s thrown a lot of parents into unknown territory — or at least territory that they haven’t been in in quite a while. Since I work from home on a regular basis, having two kids at home full-time isn’t new to me. I’m totally used to the never-ending questions, the begging for snacks all day and the “bored in 5 seconds” game.

While having a perfectly planned schedule of things to do in place for the next two months IS possible, it doesn’t mean that it will always go your way… because, each day at home with toddlers and young children is a different day. While the normal things take place every day — brushing teeth, breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc. — it’s the other stuff that sometimes just doesn’t work out when a toddler isn’t entertained — playing with a…

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