The Importance of Mommy/Parenting Groups

Hello my Coffee Beans!!!! I am so excited about today’s post. Like I don’t think I’ve been this excited about sharing a blog post since I’ve shared my Labour Story which needs a serious update.

Or my Mommy Blogger Tag post.

Or my Diaper Bag Checklist

Or even my Must Have Survival Guide for Campus Life.

That one was super exciting for me and was also inspired by my amazingggg sister who’s at the most prestigious University in Canada. That’s right y’all my baby sis is talented!But I’m getting off track again.Today’s post is all about Baby Groups and Parenting Groups and the positives and negatives that come with them.

Now I’ll be honest. I have only been in a few but I have had such great experiences in each of them and would jump at the chance to sign up for more of them. They are so full of knowledge and peer support and I’ve just really had such a good time at the one’s I’ve been to!

I haven’t been in any partner groups like lamaze classes or anything that your spouse or significant other is supposed to go with you to. Trying to get my ex to go with me would have been a fight every single week and I would have spent over half the week talking about all his excuses for why he shouldn’t go this week. But I did make sure I went to a Healthy Mom’s Healthy Babies Group and I’m so glad that even though my partner didn’t want to go to any groups together that I still took it upon myself to find a group and join it.My favorite group would have to have been the one I joined while I was pregnant. You had to be pregnant to join not postpartum. You graduated from the group when your little one was 6months old.

I made some amazing lasting friendships here for both myself and my daughter. I learned so much about pregnancy, the birthing process, amazing tips on how to tend to my newborn and start raising her. The group was run by a registered nurse and a dietician so there was even tons of conversation about feeding them as they start getting older and moving onto solids which usually happens either just before 6 months or just after.Now here is more about the benefits rather than just my experiences:

Knowledge Gained!

Like I’ve mentioned I have learned so much from these groups. And the thing that’s great about it is that you’re not just learning from the facilitators running the group you’re learning the people around you too. You’re surrounded by people from various different age groups but going through the same things as you are. You get to enjoy and learn about new things you didn’t think you’d learn about from people you never Imagined meeting. You’re introduced to so many different outlooks in life.


Sometimes groups offer incentives which is always awesome! I’ve received bus tickets to make sure I can get there and back throughout the program. I’ve received grocery gift cards which is always helpful. I’ve even received Starbucks gift cards!!!

Support from other mom’s/parents.

These groups are full of other mom’s and parents going through similar things that you’re going through. You can open up to them and they can relate to you and the feeling of support that comes with all of that is amazing.You get to meet People from all walks of life on rather similar levels and similar interests. These people also have similar interests in learning and personal growth.It Feels sooo good to connect with people facing the similar challenges as you.The groups with children even at a young age get the social interaction with other babies and children around them.

Exposed to more opinions on things expanded your outlook.

Around people who care!

You get to be around people who are not judgmental. These groups are usually safe places to speak freely. The whole what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas rule totally applies to these.

People Respect you.

Social Interaction for Mom.

This is super important. It’s important that we get out there and that we set a good social example for out children but also that we do this to help us feel more like ourselves. Often after having children you have no free time. You become all absorbed in this world that revolves around your child or children and forget that you’re still you inside too.Getting that social interaction helps us not feel so alone all the time. It reminds us that we can talk in a normal voice still and we’re not completely taken over by our baby voice. Or that there’s more to life than singing Baby Shark do do do do do do 500 times a day. Honestly if I didn’t have any and mom groups to go to when I first had Elayna my postpartum depression would have been a million times worse.

Getting out of the House!

This is important and kind of goes have in had with the previous reason.I’d say those are some wonderful benefits to being involved in these groups. But I think another thing to bring light to are some of the obstacles you can face too. I mean let’s face it people this is reality not some dream world some tend to think we live in. So as it goes in real life there are obstacles and challenges you face.Some of the obstacles:Sometimes you’ll find partners in parenting groups, these partners might be on different pages on how parenting should be you might also be on different pages than the other parents you’re meeting.You might have strong clashing opinions with other parents in the group and that’s bound to happen anywhere at anytime in our life. It’s a good thing that during these times you’re in a safe zone where respect is mutual and you’re around other adults who can for the most part agree to disagree.Resistance from child when trying new things could pose challenges. Going to these groups will break your routine and force you out of your comfort zone. Some people will have to learn that this is a good change. Some people won’t rise to the change at all. But some people will excel through these changes and realize that sometimes leaving your comfort zone is exactly what you need to do to succeed in the life.Transportation could also be an issue for some people which is why it’s great that they sometimes offer help with that.I think if there are free groups in your area for parents or for children and mom’s that you should definitely take advantage of all the great things they have to offer you. I promise you that if you’re anything like me you won’t regret it.If there is anything you can think of to add to either of theses list either the benefits or the downside of joining these sort of groups please share in the comments section!Thank you so much for stopping by I hope you all enjoyed this post very much!

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