What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

Hi everyone another random post for you all today! I hope you have been enjoying your week. I miss you all and the blogging world so much so even though I am crazy busy here I am trying to stay engaged with you all.

As many of you may know I have been in and out of the hospital a lot this last month or two or actually three or four by now. It finally came to the time where I’m in need of emergency surgery. They’ve finally taken me seriously enough. Took them long enough.

I’ve already had the procedure done but while preparing myself I had spent time looking to see if anyone has a post on what you should pack in you’re hospital bag for an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy.

I had a hard time finding anything even similar and ended up finding nothing at all. I decided to take it upon myself to create such a post. That’s what today’s topic is about!

What to pack in your bag for a colonoscopy or endoscopy or both!

But before I get ahead of myself id like to give a brief explanation for those of you who don’t know what these diagnostic procedures are. An Endoscopy is when there is a camera/scope that is inserted through your mouth down your esophagus into your stomach or just before it depending on your personal condition. The Colonoscopy is the same idea but instead of your throat, it goes in your anus, through your colon and through your intestines it usually reaches to the end of the large intestine before the small intestine.

The main purpose of these procedures is diagnostic. They can diagnose things like inflammation, ulcers and other common concerns. This gives the doctors the answers they need to take the right path with your care. There are also some surgical treatments that can be done while the scopes are in there. They can remove polyps, sometimes they can fix ulcers while there in there and they definitely take biopsies while in there. I watched them take at least 15 biopsies this time around. Yes, that’s right at least 15.

In most cases they make you switch to a hospital gown which is totally fine and dandy but you’re still going to want to arrive and comfy clothing and you’re going to want to bring a fresh set of clean, comfy clothing to change into when everything’s all said and done. When you finally get to go home from the hospital you don’t want to be going home in the same crappy pyjamas that you showed up in.

Another thing that you might want to pack in your bag is some slippers, some comfy comfy slippers. Hospitals are always cold and you don’t want to be stuck wearing your shoes around and you probably don’t want to be wearing socks either.

While we are are the topic of warm and comfy thank you Comfy slippers and the topic of hospitals being cold, make sure you ask for some blankets because you’re cold.

They have the best warmed up blankets so you really don’t need to bring a blanket unless that’s something that’s comforting for you then, of course, bring your own blanket. But for me, I’m going to stick with bringing my one of my chunky Cardigans to keep my arms warm and then I’ll just use one of their lovely lovely heated blankets.

Some places advise you to bring water but in my case, I was supposed to stop drinking 3 hours before going under the scopes, so this for me meant 6 a.m. it’s up to you if that’s something you’d like to bring. Something I focus more on is bringing something to keep yourself occupied while waiting to get the IV put in as well as waiting to be called into the procedure room. I haven’t spent much time on Social Media in the last 4 years besides working towards website goals and researching parenting strategies and help. This time I decided to occupy myself by playing on my phone and indulging int the fascinating world of the web.

Last and certainly not least, but probably the most embarrassing thing to be mentioned, before you start your prep pick up a bag of Adult Diapers. They make living your life and continuing with your responsibilities while preparing for this extremely fun time a breeze.

I’m still in the process of moving back into my parent’s house and getting everything settled which is a big part of my inactivity besides being under the weather. I am happy to inform you all that my health is slowly starting to get better. We have found some of what the issue was and I have already started being proactive in taking care of the issue until I go in to see my specialist for the results and to come up with a strategy for further care.

Even with everything I have going on I still felt it was crucial to touch base with all of you and share a post and tell you all how much I miss you and the blogging world. All of your continuous support is overwhelming in the most pleasant ways possible. I never really knew how much support and care I could receive from all of you until I took off my rose coloured glasses, really opened up to you about my personal life and received so many kind words and positive vibes to brighten my day. I am always grateful for everyone here in the blogging community so here’s a big thanks to all of you!

You Rock!

Is there anything else you include of could think to include in your bag?

Thank you all for stopping by today!

P.s. Don’t forget the Raptors game starts at 9P.m. Tonight people!!!!!

10 thoughts on “What to Pack in your Hospital Bag

  1. Pacemakər Blog

    Glad you are doing better now. I think having a list of thing as to what to bring to the hospital is important, since during that time our heads are somewhere else.

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    • CoffeeMamma

      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. I definitely agree! Having a list handy takes away some of the stress and lets you focus on the other things you need to do in the meantime. Have a great week!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anne Copeland

    For the procedures you had even if they have to do some surgery, they will do it during the course of the procedure. I have had quite a few of these and so has my significant other. I liked your suggestions for clothes as it is no fun to go home in your pjs, even if you want to get in bed and just sleep when you get home.

    Richard, my significant other, just had his second cervical surgery, the second one to fix the issues that came from the first one. That happens with spinal surgery because you cannot keep the spine from moving around even when you are sleeping, Also, they may tell you you will only be there for 1 – 2 days, but don’t take that for granted. Richard was in surgery five hours and then five days, and the only reason he came home when he did was that they needed the bed for another patient. I ended up needing to do everything for him as he could not use his right arm at all. The surgery made it totally numb, and so he could not lift himself up, could not bathe himself, or change his clothes, or even take care of his necessaries on his own. We should have gotten nursing care or they should have put him in rehab, but they could not do that for some reason so yours truly got the duty, and he outweighs me by nearly 100 lbs, and I am older than he is, so it was difficult.

    If you do stay in the hospital longer, they will provide the sort of everyday things you will need – toothpaste, mouthwash, washcloths, etc. but if there are things that help comfort you, you might want those. You likely will not get to do reading because you will want to sleep most all of the time, and after a major surgery you need that sleep so your body can heal.

    I have been in the hospital more times than Carter has little liver pills (its an old saying but I have no idea what it means – mom used to say that all the time) and I have also been a volunteer in a hospital – once in a military hospital, and once in a teaching hospital in the neonatal ward for newborn hearing screening testing. So I have seen an awful lot. I am the Big 77 now going on 78 in November, so that’s a pretty good reason. Thank you for your well-written article and thoughtfulness. It is very appreciated. A lot of people have never spent any time in a hospital except perhaps when they were born or had their tonsils out, and those things would be generally minimal.

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    • CoffeeMamma

      Hi there thank you so much for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed my post and I agree, i find that it definitely takes the added stress off when you’re prepared. And yes so excited about the Raptors.

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