The Danger That Lies Beneath Your Fingertips

I’ll definitely be taking some time out during the day tomorrow to deep clean my phone and start scheduling regular cleans. Ugh so grossed out after a phone is referred to as a 3d hand the grossest thing about it is how true that statement is.


By Shari Chase

Sometimes I wish I was a cat. They’re cute, fluffy, agile, fiercely independent, curious and–did I mention–absolutely adorable. But, perhaps most importantly, cats are clean–like really clean and, as a slight germaphobe, I can’t help but think that they just might be living their best life.

Humans are disgusting. While harsh, we are pretty gross when you think about it, and although our icky functions may have scientific and necessary purposes, Grossology still makes my skin crawl.

Our distaste for “dirty things” usually helps us avoid the pathogens in our world. But despite our best intentions, there’s still a lot of filth that we generally overlook – one prime example being our phones. 

Sorry, But Your Phone Really Is That Dirty

Despite appearances, our phones are Petri dishes for germs. Their large touch screens often serve as a collecting point for bacteria because whatever microbes…

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