Hair guide: know your hair type and porosity

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Hello lovelies!

Welcome to my blog, we’ll be talking about hair types and porosity in this post.

Understanding your hair type and porosity is the first step in managing your hair and finding the perfect routine that works for it. Let’s dive right in lovelies!

What is hair type?

Hair type simply means how your hair naturally grow, and the aspects that are noticed with it. Hair type is categorized in numbers and lettered subsets; there are 4 main hair types (1 2 3 and 4) and 3 subsets (A B C and D sometimes)

You should be able to identify your hair type from this chart.

What is hair porosity?

This is the ability of your hair follicle to absorb water into it and hair porosity is ranked as follows; high, low and medium. Knowing your hair porosity will give you an insight on what your hair…

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