Staying Organized in Quarantine: Why a Good Planner Makes All the Difference

One thing that has stayed a constant in my life the last 59 days of quarantine is how important structure is. Whether it’s just having a small to-do list or actually having blocks of time set aside for tasks. I just find that I feel more validated and put together if I have some sort of task to check off the list; I’m sure a lot of you can agree!

I’m not always in the “mood” to be organized and all that jazz. Not gonna lie, quarantine has been hard for me. That’s why this external source of validation (oops I go more into validation here) helps my day to day life.

If I could recommend one product to help you get not only your work or school life organized, but your mental and emotional self too is the Savor Life Planner. I’ve actually done a whole post…

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3 thoughts on “Staying Organized in Quarantine: Why a Good Planner Makes All the Difference

  1. claudiajustsaying

    I used a Franklin Planner for work. At 71yrs of age I’m still planning and although retired need to manage my time. I continue a work habit of looking at the week ahead on Sunday. I have 18 days to rewrite 20 pages of my first novel to be critiqued. So I need to get busy this week. Wish me luck. . . just saying, Claudia

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    • CoffeeMamma

      Wow that’s awesome! Good luck on rewriting the pages. I hope you meet your deadline. I’m so glad you’re still planning ahead. I don’t think I’ll ever stop for similar reasons. I thrive of of planning ahead.

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