The benefits of Co-sleeping

Hello hello hello and welcome, today I’d like to talk about some of the benefits that come along with co-sleeping.

For those of you who don’t know what co-sleeping is, it is the practice of sleeping in the same bed with one’s infant or young child. Some people are really against it and I was too at first. Then, when my daughter was born, she wouldn’t sleep anywhere BUT in bed with me and she still does today too.

So here are some of the reasons that co-sleeping can be beneficial.

Sleep better:

To sleep better is something every new parent wants. Wants for the baby wants for themselves, it’s just necessary. I can not tell you how many times someone has woken my child up. As a new mom, it’s frustrating. You already just spent all your energy getting your baby to sleep but now you have to do it all over again. Ugh so frustrating. It’s exhausting both mentally and physically. So what better way to get as much extra shut-eye as you can. As a breastfeeding mother one of the things that have benefited my sleep the most has been co-sleeping. In the middle of the night when my daughter wakes up (which she doesn’t do so often anymore now that she’s over a year) instead of having to wake up and make a bottle, or wake up and go to the crib and get her, the first thing I try is slipping the boob in her mouth to nurse her back to sleep. Most times this works and I can stay resting while she nurses herself back to sleep.

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Feed Easier:

Might be a little bit TMI but honestly, it’s so much easier this just goes hand in hand with the sleep, it’s easier to feed a lot of the time when you need rest. Mom doesn’t have to get up or anything. Obviously, we lay there awake while babe nurses but it takes a lot less time and energy. If you were to have to do the whole bedtime routine again.

Good for Mental Growth:

I’ve read that it’s good for mental growth. I don’t know exactly why because I’m no scientist or pediatrician but I believe it had something to do with the comfort they feel consistent throughout the night.

SIDS’ Protection:

We’re right there to monitor changes through the nighttime.

Snuggles for Days

Who doesn’t loveeeeee snuggling while they still can right!

Ease of Anxiety Separation Which Encourages Independence

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Less Laundry

Lol you’re not constantly changing the crib’s mattress bedding just your own 😂👌

These are just some of the many benefits that come with Co-Sleeping. And I know there is all this talk about how dangerous it is as well but if you are smart about it and do it safely than it can be such a beneficial thing for both baby and mom.

Thank you all so much for stopping by today. I hope you all enjoyed this post and learned some of the positive things that can come with co-sleeping. Please join my Facebook Page to see the latest updates within my family as well as many added things that don’t make there way over to WordPress.

Do you co-sleep in your household? Why or why not? See you in the comment section below 🙂

9 thoughts on “The benefits of Co-sleeping

  1. laurapeat01

    I do this just for nap times. It’s even better because he can sleep on his side and I can watch him and cuddle up to him. Thank you for sharing xx


    • CoffeeMamma

      Thank you! It’s definitely a great way to make sure you’re both getting proper sleep! I’d be so much more sleep deprived if I hadn’t given into co-sleeping! Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!


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