Today’s Toddler Breakfast!

Hey everyone!!! I’m sharing something quite Different today. I have shared similar posts in terms of sharing what’s been cooked for dinner but now I’ve decided to start sharing what I feed my toddler too.

It’s come to my attention that there are some mom’s out there who are wanting to switch up what they have been feeding their children so that they can offer new fun choices. I though that if I started to share what I feel my Daughter that it would help inspire some other mom’s out there and help them figure out how they would like to switch things up for their family.

I found that buying a couple of the sectioned plates with something she really liked on it (this is one of Elayna’s Paw Patrol plate) it really helped get her even more excited to eat cause she was “eating with her friends” from the show.

On her plate this morning was some fresh cut strawberries, some yummy blueberries and some cinnamon toast cut into squares so it’s easier for her to eat!

Her reaction was “ouuu pretty food I wanna eat it.” And that’s always a great feeling!

What did you make for breakfast?

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