What I’ve Been Up To During Covid-19.

Hello hello everyone! Today I want to start this post off with a mental health check in.

Covid-19 has affected us in so many ways through first hand, second and and third party experiences. Weather it be you or a loved one who has contracted the virus or perhaps maybe someone in your social circle has had to deal with significant changes etc during this time. Managing our mental health is crucial at a time like this.

Have you been taking care of yourself? Have you been eating healthy? Have you been staying active? These are all things that can begin to impact your mental health. These are some of the things I think of when it comes to getting healthy and staying healthy. Sometimes when your mental health slips up a bit (which is ok) you tend to slip up in other areas inevitably and taking time to care for each area is sometimes exactly what you need to slowly bring yourself back to a place of health and happiness.

If you’ve been struggling and want to reach out and talk to someone I can always private message you if you request it. Sometimes just having someone that will listen you to is such a big help.

Mental health is something I’ve focused on a lot during this dark time of COVID and today I’m going to share someone the ways I’ve done so and some of the other things I have been doing to help take care of myself and pass the time.

Shortly after every thing closed down we packed up our things moved into an apartment. This means there has been lots of cleaning and lots of decluttering with even more de-cluttering to come.

We have done lots of playing outside. I’ve turned the backyard into a little play area. It’s perfect to help beat the heat when it’s still hot even in the safe times to be outside. That’s what I’ve been running into lots. We will go outside to play at 9 am and it’s already super hot. It’s been a challenge but with lots of hydrating and lots of popsicles we’ve been quite enjoying or time Outdoors.

We have two slides, we have a larger pool, we have a smaller pool, we have a water table a little Jungle Gym area, a basketball net, a soccer net, a picnic table an outside crafting/workbench just for Elayna, we have a crafting area as well in our backyard. The crafting area is shaded making it perfect for outside time while still allowing us to be covered and protected from the sun. We have done lots of outside coloring and painting and it’s been tons of fun!

We’ve been going for lots of walks. Most often in the evening when it gets a little darker, it’s when the sun & heat have started to taper down too. Often we will go to what my daughter refers to as “mommy’s old school” which has two different locations. One is for short little walks and the other we go for little picnics and snackventures.

I like going to these two places because they’re very low key & unknown. Both schools have been closed for a while (like ones been closed since 2008) before COVID even happened. Both of these places are really close to our home too so it’s not a long outing in the bad heat.

I’ve made a scrapbook of Elayna’s family members.

I also ended up working on Elayna’s Baby Scrapbook a little but I have to develop more photos before I’m finished. I will definitely be doing more scrapbooking though. It’s been great! My next goal is to start working on her Baptism Scrapbook.

I applied for school and accepted my offer of admissions 🔥🔥🔥having said this it means I have been making lots and lots of phone calls and emails in regards to figuring out a plan of action for going back to school. I’ve also started applying for scholarships to help with the financial strain being in college can cause.

We have also been listening to music a lot. I’ve created a child-friendly playlist on my Spotify & I have also created a new playlist for exercising.

I’ve been watching lots of TV and we’ve been watching lots of movies. I finished re-watching Grey’s Anatomy for a third time I am now re-watching Once Upon A Time (I’ve really only seen the first three seasons before though so I’m a newbie once I reach season 4.) and I also managed to squeeze and watching The Good Doctor and Station 19, between those two shows I just mentioned. That’s on top of all the kids shows and movies I’ve watched during the daytime. Its safe to say that Covid has me watching way too much TV, even for me.

We have been blowing bubbles Non-Stop and that’s one thing I’m so excited to talk to you guys about today.

Because let me tell you, everyone on my street has been loving my bubbles.

Like If you bring up bubbles with one of my neighbors they’re all like “what have you been using they are so big and they float forever before bursting, !?!” And then I’m all like “damn they’re really that good? (I never really know cause I’m always in the backyard still) I’m just using Dawn Dish Soap! It’s my favorite I use it for so many things!” I literally mix a bunch of Dawn into a large bubble bottle with water, shake it up and pour for playing.

Who would have thought I’d be so popular over bubbles!

I’ve also done lots of online shopping. As some of my fellow Canadians might be aware The Children’s Place had decided to close over 300 of their Canadian stores. Considering the fact that I’m going to be going to school for the next couple of years. I’m not going to have as much time as I usually do to spend shopping for clothes and whatnot for the both of us so I did a shopping spree at The Children’s Place online. I got a good start up of clothing for my daughter in size is 3T 4T and 5T. I don’t have to worry about getting her too much more which is great, I can also let other people gift her things she needs too. Ill be keeping tally of what she has in each size so I know what is needed still!

We spent a weekend at the trailer.

I made a new recipe double chocolaty chip banana chai oatmeal bread and it is a huge hit in this house now!

We’ve been doing lots of video chats with friends and family it’s been really great especially for all of the people in my Daughters family that don’t get to see her very often because of an unfortunate situation.

I’ve had the craziest thought that I should create a podcast. I’m thinking this would take place after I’m done school a couple years from now. It’s so crazy to think about but I think I would actually be really good at this especially if I had the right partner and we vibed well together. Stay tuned guys, who knows what the future has in store for lil ‘ol me.

I’ve done what so many other people have been doing I’m sure, and I’ve been using Tinder. Yep I created a Tinder profile and it’s actually quite funny. Some of the things you come across on Tinder are actually quite hilarious. Some people really have no boundaries when it comes to privacy.

I’ve gone back to doing something I did a lot when I was younger, throughout High School. I would sit on the porch with a tea and whatever book I was reading that time, I’d enjoy the weather in the shade and I would also chat with the neighbours and catch up on how everyone’s doing.

We’ve been doing lots of colouring and painting let me tell you I’ve actually repainted two succulents that I purchased and they look amazing and other than that we’ve been painting rocks and just painting paper and whatnot but doing lots of painting and colouring and it’s been a blast.

Did you know that they have construction paper crayons by Crayola they’re freaking amazing they’re so pigmented and they come off almost like as nicely as a pastel but without all the oiliness and smudging. I absolutely love coloring with them. They’re nice and chunky too so they’re perfect for little hands!

I’ve started doing crosswords and word searches and I’ve been really enjoying myself doing those. I feel like it’s expanding my thought process and it’s also expanding my memory and my vocabulary too. All in just of simple half an hour of putting some work into a word search. I’ve been really enjoying them so I’ve been doing lots of them during quarantine. Definite Boredom Buster 😏

I also started rereading Twilight. I actually think I’ve realized that as much as I didn’t want to make the change to reading more books on a tablet or like a Kindle, I actually might have more success in my reading goals if I do so. So because I’ve actually been reading a lot more (than if I would be reading it from the book right now especially with having a toddler) and wanting to keep the room dark at nights when I do most of my reading. Using an E reader has been really helpful and I’m super excited about it. I pre-ordered Midnight Sun and I cannot wait to read that but I hope to reread Twilight before starting Midnight Sun!

Outdoor Bug Exploring with this little kit I grabbed at the dollar store. It’s been awesome we have used it to examine and learn about all sorts of things from the grass and dirt to the bugs and the worms.

Swimming, we have been doing lots of swimming.

Spending time with my Grandpa who has successfully recovered from having Covid! Thank You Lord.

Exercising and using my new Fit Bit. Even Elayna has been getting in on the exercises which is great. I love knowing that I’m setting a great example for her on what’s important when it comes to taking care of your body. Healthy Eating, Good Hydration, Exercise and Good Sleep Habbits.

Hopefully, I’ll get my mom’s Fitbit hooked up and working soon because I’m so excited for her to be on Fitbit with all of her friends. It will be super encouraging for her!

I’ve done some blogging here and there, I’ve gone back to drafting in notebooks though so I haven’t been doing a lot of online work.

So, I mean, it’s safe to say that I’ve been keeping myself and my daughter fairly well entertained, safe, healthy and happy during these crazy times. I’m thankful for her every day.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by. I hope Ive inspired some potential ideas to help cure the boredom you may be facing yourself. I’m so grateful to each and every person that stops by and reads my posts. You guys are amazing. I hope you’re all well and staying safe healthy and sane during these times, and we’ll, if staying sane has become a concern for you, you’re not the only one so hang in there! Stay strong and we can come out on the other side! Love you All!

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