Have You Tried Cliff Bars

Hello everyoneee!!!!!! So I have currently started watching The Bachelor, what’s the deal with this Corrine girl?

Anywayssss, what have you ladies been up to? How did you like my previous post? I know it was a little longer than my usual ones but it also got so many views for my website the day I released it and for that, I have only my amazing viewers to thank ♥

For this post, I want to talk about Clif Protein Bars. I have been really into natural health these days as I now work in bookkeeping and a natural and organic department. I have been trying quite a few of these Clif Protein Bars and decided it’s about time to talk to everyone about them.

The Clif bar company has recently been expanding and bringing out a few more types of bars but the “Clif bar” is the original one made by the company. Clif vows that its products are free from hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. They claim to use whole ingredients you can see with your own eyes like rolled oats, fruits, and nuts.

Each of their bars contains Carbohydrates, protein, fiber, healthy fats and 23 different vitamins and minerals. They are perfect for aiding your daily nutrition and great for performance nutrition. It’s best to eat one of these about an hour and a half before exercising along with some water and it should supply the best energy to the right places of your body for your workout.

The original line of their bars has many different flavors and I think I have tried almost half of them maybe. The brand Clif also has Builder bars, Luna Bars, Trail Mix bars, Z-bars for kids and more. I think it’s a great idea that they have a nutritional bar tailored to kids. I think it gets them involved in making health conscious decisions and it’s a way they get to be like their mom and dad.

The kinds of Clif bars they have are: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Chocolate chip Peanut crunch, Chocolate Almond Fudge, Cool Chocolate Mint, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Sierra Trail mix, White Chocolate Macadamia nut as well as two seasonal flavours Iced Gingerbread and Spiced Pumpkin Pie.

So, since I have tried quite a few of them I’m not really doing a review on one specific flavor. Instead, I feel it would be best to share my first impressions on each of the bars so that I can still share my opinion on them.

I’ll start with the Cool Chocolate Mint flavor. I’m starting with this one to get it out of the way. I think this is the one I liked the least but that was only a personal thing. I have Crohn’s disease so I am really uneasy to scents flavors and different textures I am unaware of.

I couldn’t take more than a bite or two the night that I tried this one because the mint had hit me very strongly that night. Right when I opened the package all I could smell was strong menthol. The few bites that I had taken did have the same texture as some of the other bars in way of their being whole ingredients.

The Coconut Chocolate Chip bar Clif bar was the first Clif bar I had ever tried. In all honesty, I was expecting a bit more chocolate and a little bit more coconut throughout but it is a protein bar, not a candy bar.

I think my top two favorite flavors are the White Chocolate Macadamia nut and the Sierra trail mix. The White chocolate Macadamia nut was kind of perfect. It had a little bit of nuttiness with a great explosion of chocolate. I will always want more chocolate but this was an amazing flavor ratio. The sierra trail mix was probably my favorite and the closest to what I expected from a protein bar, it was actually more like a great trail mix in bar form. Definitely worth the try.

They also have two seasonal flavors that I have tried. The Iced gingerbread I found really sweet. Both of the seasonal flavors are really sweet actually. Recently I have been coming to learn I am not the biggest fan of ginger. I like a few gingerbread cookies once in a while but other than that I’m not a fan of ginger. I didn’t know I was much of a fan of the pumpkin spice fan either but I liked the spiced pumpkin pie bar much better. It literally tasted like a healthy pumpkin pie!

Taking care of your body is one of the most important things. Investing in your health should be paramount when investing in anything.

What do you ladies do to invest in your health?

What are your most and least favorite Clif bar if you have tried any of them?

Thanks for checking out this post and if you feel up to it head on over to my Twitter and Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Have You Tried Cliff Bars

  1. claudiajustsaying

    My protein bar of choice is Nature Valley dark peanut butter, dark chocolate. But it’s 190 calories. I’m 72 yrs old and weigh 140lbs. the most I’ve ever weighed except when pregnant with my daughter who was a 9lbs baby. In the past 10 yrs, I have slowly but on the extra 10 plus lbs. I’m on a new mission to shed the unwanted weight. My husband asks, what for? Because I’m uncomfortable.


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