Quick Beauty tips for Busy Moms

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest masterpiece here at The Coffee Mamma. That’s right I said masterpiece because my work is indeed an amazing creation.

Us Mom’s, we are all works of art.

We’re something special that’s for sure.

It starts with our minds.

How we’re able to juggle not only our own schedule but our families as well along with cleaning, cooking, you know the drill ladies.

Then we get to our bodies, now they are a masterpiece from God above with the most magnificent power to transform into a home for creating and nourishing new beautiful life time and time again.

Day in and day out we give and give and give to our families our loved ones.

At the end of the night, we’re tired and forgot to give enough live to one of the most important people, ourselves. We always forget about how important WE are and how necessary it is to take care of ourselves too.

We’re worth it.

Indulge regularly in Self-care activities. Having a self-care routine or just practicing a little bit of self-care each day reminds you that you’re important and gives you the opportunity to focus on you a little bit each day.

Don’t skip the important stuff. Water, medicine, eating, even though you have no time you need to make time because these are the small things that keep you going.

Your foundation is key and I don’t mean what foundation you’re using, I mean your face is your canvas and that’s the foundation you start with. You need to treat it with love, care and the utmost respect.

Allow Yourself Treats.

Make some beauty resolutions and make sure that they are attainable. There is nothing worse than making a goal that you really can’t achieve. It just makes you feel worse.

Remember the most important thing is to feel beautiful from the inside out. Good values, respect for others, treating everything with the same love and kindness and gratitude that you hope to receive back from the world we live in.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Remember to love yourself just as much as you love your loved ones. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


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