Tip Tuseday

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Very First Tip Tuesday!!!!!

Here on Coffee Mamma, it’s my goal to share as much of my knowledge with my viewers as I possibly can. I decided a good way to do that might be starting a Tip Tuesday series!

Today’s Tip Topic: Beauty

So. for today’s tip I wanted to talk about something I have been doing for yearsss. I have very tiny eyes and many years ago I was looking to make them look bigger or more open while not wearing a lot of makeup, I wanted to still have my natural everyday makeup look.

I can’t take credit for this tip as it comes from the woman who taught me soo much about beauty and skin care throughout my teen years. While having the opportunity to work with such a great MUA I asked her, what is something I can do to achieve what I’m looking for. (the illusion of my eyes being bigger or open more.)

It was many years ago so I don’t remember her exact words but she advised me to highlight underneath my brow even when I’m not wearing eyeshadow, as well as my inner corner. It was such a great tip and it actually worked. I have been doing it ever since. I thought it was worth sharing and the perfect way to start off this little series. My eyes look bigger and brighter and it gives my eyebrows a more polished, finished look.

I wanted to take a moment to Congratulate The Woman who taught me so much. I don’t know if she is still practicing makeup, it been so long. But I know she now runs a little Craft store with the cutest little name ever. You should all head on over to her website and check it out and I would really appreciate it if you gave her facebook page some love too! She has recently won some amazing awards for her business. Congratulations, knowing the type of woman you are the awards went to the perfect most deserving home! I am honored to be able to say I have met this woman in my lifetime.

Thanks everyone for checking out my little post, Like the post to let me know how you feel about this type of post! Have a blessed day everyone!