Never thought I’d see that…


Where has the time gone. An entire semester has come and gone and I am so blessed and proud of myself for not only completing it but completing it so successfully andddd right smack dab in the middle of a pandemic.

There has been so much changing in my life, as im sure there has been with yours too. There has been alot of loss in my family. My grandpa died less than 24 hours before my birthday last month andd right before exams. If there has been in your’s too, I send you my deepest condolences and warmest of virtual hugs. Its not easy to be grieving the loss of a loved one, and its even harder on us now as we’re dealing with everything else the world has been throwing at us.

I mean as if Covid-19 wasn’t enough, now there’s variants of it too.

A fair warning to all, things will slowly be coming to a hault here on The Coffee Mamma. Im not sure when, this will happen, but it must and it will. That definitely doesn’t mean you will never hear from me again. I promise, I won’t be gone long, and as always, ill be back better and stronger than ever. I’ve got some big and exciting things planned.

Staying as focused as can be has really paid off this past semester. I went into exams with my lowest class mark being 88.06. I must say I’ve outdone myself, I really have. If I applied myself like this in school when I was younger who knowsssssss what could have happened. Not only was that my lowest mark going in, but it was also practically that for my final class mark too. I got 87%. Again lowest score and the only score below 91!!!

My GPA was 93.43 which going by what my class is saying in the class chatroom, a GPA of that extent is an A+ GPA also reaching not just a 4.0 butttttt a tad higher.

Like, I didn’t even know there was a GPA higher than 4.0

Buttttt, 4.33 issss the GPA that I achieved and I swear, I had no clue I had it in me. Im astonished, amazed with myself. It makes my gorgeous new desk and the money I’ve been investing into some of these renovations over my Christmas break so much more worth it.

Speaking of Christmas, I’d like to wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy and honest Christmas. I know I’m late but i hope everyone recieved exactly what they deserve. Enjoy the company of eachother and the gift of time this Christmas holiday as we sre now in what is officially the second lockdown where im from. (With cases of the variant popping up) I wish you all the best of health and that this new year brings growth and prosperity to you all! Happy New Year!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I had planned for this post to be released before the start of 2021 but oh well. Better late than never. Thank you everyone for Continuing To visit my website even though I havnt been as active. I miss you all so much an appreciate all of you!

Time for bed, second semester starts tomorrow!!! Yayyyy!!!

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