Top 5 Cardigans for Winter

Heeey everyone. I hope you have been having a good winter so far. Today I’m here to share 5 of my favorite winter Cardigans this Winter.

I don’t own any of these but these are the top five cardigans on my wishlist.

I love the simplicity of this style cardigan. I feel like a cardigan similar to this for each season is a must. It’s nice and simple but will go with just about anything, it can be dressed up, dressed down so I has unlimited potential in your wardrobe.
Having a toddler makes me unsure if I would get this cardigan in the beautiful white/cream color. But I think a looser flowy cardigan is also important to have throughout the season. For very similar reasons to the previous cardigan as well.
This chunky cardigan is literally giving me the best winter vibes. It’s so cozy and the buttons are just perfect. This would go nice with so many things and it’s perfect for throwing on under a coat if you wanted to go for a long winter walk. It also reminds me of the Canada brand that is big here. If you’re Canadian you probably know what I mean.
First things first, I absolutely love the cable knit in this cardigan. It’s so perfect. I love the length too, it’s so perfect and cozy and warm looking.
I feel like this one would be nice to buy near the beginning of fall. The colour scheme would look lovely during fall and it would still be suitable throughout the winter season as well since it’s longer and thicker-looking. I feel like I would retire it sometime shortly after the warm weather started being consistent. I’m not sure how I feel about the color scheme for Spring and Summer.

Well, there you have it my sweet-smelling coffee beans. These are my top 5 cardigans for the winter season. Thank you so much for stopping by. Make sure you stop by my Twitter and Instagram for a deeper look into our style!

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