How To: Get The Most Out of Your Money with Rewards Programs

Welcome to another post written by the younger me that has finally made its way to my new website. There were no incentives or anything that I earned from doing this post back then or now while I repost it. But I will warn you this post is probably outdated.

Helllo, everyone.

I hope you have all been having a splendid weekend so far. Do you guys Loveee a Great Deal?

Ohkay that’s a silly question. Everyonneee should love a great deal.

With the summer heat rising I’m sure the prices of things will too.

Never Fear.

Today I am going to tell you about a few rewards programs available for Canadians to help you get the most out of your money this summer and well, forever really.

So, to start off simple I want to tell you about the different kinds of rewards programs available and explain a little bit about them for those of you who might not know.

Rewards/Loyalty Program: A Program offered by a company to its customers who frequently shop there.

It gives shoppers access to upcoming deals and events, new products, sales coupons and even free merchandise!!!

Discount Cards: Customers who shop with a discount card are usually able to save a certain amount off their products or services.

Both are wonderful!

Credit card Reward Programs: aren’t ideal because in order to receive the rewards you usually have to spend a lotttt first or even have to keep making minimum purchases to still receive rewards have. Sometimes they Even Cancel themselves out so while receiving 3% back in rewards is nice, your paying usually 18% interest. I don’t see any rewards there… YIKES! That’s a no from me.

Now that you know the basics here are some Start-up tips:

Collect where you shop: You’re already shopping there so why not?

Make a list of all of the places you have shopped at in the last 3 months.

Head on over to Google and see if the company’s website says anything bout a rewards program or discount card. If you shop there frequently you could always wait until you go there next time and ask an associate.

Read the Fine Print: Are there any annual fees? Do the points De-value? Are there any blackout dates?

***A Rewards/Loyalty Program or Discount Card should Not affect your credit or require a credit check.

Ask a lot of questions. If something sounds fishy, BAIL!

Canadian Reward Programs

Online: – shopping through their websites earns you a percent back and entitles you to some discounts as well. I have not used Ebates yet but I really want to see how soundly it really works.

Great Canadian Rebate – Similar to Ebates you can earn cashback from shopping through their website along with some deals. I don’t shop online as much as I would like to but I would like to start more and test these out!

Swagbucks – ohkay so this one might be pretty legit for an online rewards company.

You can earn points by shopping, searching the web through their website, taking surveys, watching videos even playing games.

So far I have earned 92 points but I don’t know How much I will be using this which might make it seem unnecessary. To earn the points can become very time consuming as well.

Store & Retail:

Air Miles: through searching for air miles through Swagbucks I actually received 20 Swagbucks.

Air Miles is a card that you can use to earn points while you shop at places offering points.

You can redeem them for awesome things like flights, trips, and even groceries and other small things too.

I had a card many years ago but I have since lost it. Nothing was even on it really so I just ordered myself a new one.

This is a Snippet from the email I received: “Once your have 95 Cash Miles in your Account, you can use that for $10 towards your purchase in-store or online with one of our Participating Partners. Visit for a complete list.

A couple notes for when you are ready to use your Miles:

  • you can use up to 475 Cash Miles ($50) a day in-store, and 7,125 Cash Miles ($750) a day online
  • your Cash Miles cannot be used for gift cards, pre-paid credit cards, or other similar items
  • ensure your email address is up to date so you are aware whenever a transaction occurs on your Cash Account

That’s it, you are all set! Just remember that every

95 Cash Miles = $10 towards your purchase”

A Lot of places offer Air miles too so it won’t be hard to win with this one!

AErewards: Is great if you shop their frequently. You can earn rewards on your purchases. I don’t shop there so often so this one isn’t in my wallet. You need to shop their once annually to keep the card active which is probably why I don’t have one.

Canadian Tire Money: ahhh do you remember when you had sooo much of this stuff as a kid and you thought you were rich!!!

They’ve now turned into a cards rewards program it looks like. Next time I’m shopping at Canadian tire I will be sure to pick one of these babies up. I couldn’t find too much info about how it works on their website so I will definitely ask an associate while I’m there next.

Plum Rewards: for those of you who love to read, this one for you. The plum rewards card allows you to earn points for every dollar spent, extra offers and sales, invites to quarterly bonus events, as well as other exclusive events and sneak peeks!

They also have birthday offers! I just signed up for mine.

Sears Club Members earn 1 Club point for every dollar spent. It’s pretty basic, spend money to earn points redeemable as money. They do also have other perks as well but other than that it seems pretty legit people! I have mine! Because they had opened a café at the time of mine I am entitled to a free coffee a day!

*please note sears is now closed*

We also have the Shoppers Optimum card which is great for women who buy a lot of their beauty products there. You get points for spending money and you are able to redeem them for items or towards your purchases. I think it’s great to have one of these babies on hand. Pick one up next time your in store!

*please note Shoppers Optimum and PC Points have now joined teams and are now one card/points system.*


PC Points ins one of the leading grocery store rewards programs I have had personal experience with.

So far I have accumulated and used about $60 and I am almost at another $20!

Yay me!

So, this one works by sending you offers for what you can get points on while shopping. Once you have used it a few times it sort of tailors the next weeks offers to what you have been purchasing already.

Neat eh?

You can collect PC points at a few different stores which make it extra cool. No Frills offers PC Points, Dominion, Real Canadian Superstore, Fortinos, Loblaws, Zerhs, even some independent grocers offer them!

Longos also has a similar card called the thank you rewards card. The concept is similar with a few differences in earnings. I just activated mine so I hope this one is good too! Who doesn’t love free groceries?


Pioneer offers bonus bucks you can use on gas and snack purchases

It looks like ESSO has 2 different programs. One which entitles you to save and earn points 25% faster. The other one looks like it saves you 2.5 cents on each liter. That sounds very interesting to me so I think I might sign up for one! I’ll update on this one!

Gas Stations also offering similar programs are Husky and Petro Points, which gives you the ability to save 10 cents per liter of gas. That’s the highest I have come across!

If you would like a way to save big on entertainment than a Scene Card is for you. Rewards starting at 1000 points for a general admission or even use them at Sportcheck.

Nowadays even places like McDonald’s seem to have rewards programs. With the McCafe Rewards program starting off the list, you can also find them at hot spots like Davids Tea where they haver the Frequent Stepper program.

Jamba Juice has an Insiders Program, Pita Pit offers there “More Rewards” Then you also have the new and hot Panera offering some sort of rewards program, Denny’s, Starbucks, Second Cup and even two places I have never even heard of before called Piece of the Pie and Open Table!

That’s sooooo many places! I know where I’m going when I don’t feel like cooking this summer!

Travel & Airline:

I don’t know too much about these personally either so I will sort of just list the ones I know are available.

So you can always find great deals through Expedia,, Park ‘n’ Fly, Via Preferences which I believe are for Via Rail Canada!!!

Happy Birthday Canada! 150!!!

Aeroplan Mileage Plan, VIPorter, WestJet Dollars (looks like this might be a Credit Card though.)

Just remember when your traveling to always stay safe, research some things you need to be aware of, pack for the weather!

Have a Great time and wish for the best that you won’t be kicked off the plan for the company’s wrong doings!

Is it too soon to point out the joke of a company?

Some other cute little reward programs I stumbled upon and will most definitely be doing some research on them.

Canada Post offers a Pricing Rewards Program, Disney offers a Movies Rewards Club Program, and Huggies and Pampers both have rewards programs! WOWZA!

So, this last Card I am going to tell you about is my personal fav when I’m hitting the town with the girls for some shopping!

The SPC Card!!! The SPC offers you 10% – 20% off at participating locations as well as special deals and offers.

What I love so much about this card is that there are sooo many places involved in this program! Clothing stores, Restaurants and fast food places, shoe stores, This card is good literally everywhere! Even at PINK which I wish I had known before I spend $150 there a little while ago! LOL. I know for next time though!

So that about wraps it up for all of the rewards programs offered for Canadians that I could find. I’m sure there are much more out there so If you know one that is missing Please tell me in the comments So I Can look them up!!!

Thanks for all of the love everyone! I am so happy that my website has been doing so well.