About Me

Hello Everyone, my name is Rachel and I am the owner and writer here at thecoffeemamma.Wordpress.com

Many years ago I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease leading me to make some drastic life changes. I was in school and 90% finished my Hairstyling & Aesthetics course when I had to make a huge career change to salvage what health I still had left.

I decided to go to college for Office Administration. That’s where I learned really in-depth about making websites, formatting, and basically, tonnes of fun stuff secretaries get to do. But we don’t like to be called that, we prefer office administrator.

After leaving my first career choice I found myself very depressed (amongst many other things that were going on.)

I needed to find some way to keep up with the trends and the work and the products and styles. I had always wanted my own website so I decided to put my two careers together and that led to my first blog. Littlemissblissblog.WordPress.com.

I loved my website and everything was going so great.

But, I took a step back and decided to take a break for a while when I became pregnant.

I posted here and there but nothing was posted close to the end of my pregnancy. This was because I had actually been harassed and threatened by people who had access to my previous blog. Leading me to make a huge decision, although this one was very positive. Bringing us here to Coffee Mamma.

I realized I’m a mom now, I’m a completely different person then I was last year, 2 years ago, 5 years ago. I have so much more to share with the world now and I’m, not just a little 4″ 11 miss anymore. I’m a Mother, and a Fearless Woman. I am, the Coffee Mamma!

I chose the name Coffee Mamma because I have been a lover of coffee since the young age of 12.

Now currently I’m 24, a Mom and still very much in love with my coffee and now even more in love with my wonderful bright and beautiful daughter. Watching her grow day in and day out is the most wonderful gift life could have given me.

Something else I have also been passionate about since the young age of 3 was hairstyling. I’ll soon dig out some old photos.

You can expect to find a lot of content surrounding Parenting, Motherhood, Coffee, Cuisine, Beauty, Fashion, Health and Lifestyle.

Every time I think of and create a new post im always considering how it will benefit someone.

It’s never just for me.

I always want to share my opinion and experiences with products and services etc so that way my friends, colleagues and viewers can make informed decisions.

I want to share all the information I come across because there are so many things I once didn’t know. Like my Nipple Guard Post, do you know how many people still don’t know what nipple guards are? Sooooo many people.

Thank you so much to everyone who visits my website. You all mean so much to me. I’d like to connect on social media so if you have any of the following social media feel free to follow me!

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