How Do You Pamper Yourself

Hello everyoneeeeee!!!!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful week. I did although it had a very tragic ending. The vampire Diaries, one of my all time favorite shows has come to an end this week and I am super devastated.

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Miranda Sings Award

Hello, everyone, this is an award I received on my first website and I wanted to share it here. I’m not sure if many people know of this award but I think it’s great! I’ll have you know that some things in this post have drastically changed so I have added some light commentary where it’s needed. Some of the things here do still reflect my thoughts beliefs and personality.

Thank you in advance for stopping by.

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Pregnancy photo shoot ideas

Hello everyone, and welcome to the exciting post I have for you today everyone loves babies and pregnancy, well most people do at least.

Today I have a short little post. Just a quick little list of ideas for places you can have a maternity photoshoot!

I myself went to the RBG Green House and had a wonderful photo shoot! To see a couple of my fave photos from that day go ahead and click this link! My photographer did an amazing job!

Here’s my list!

  • Beach
  • Garden
  • Hotel
  • An Open Field
  • The Forrest
  • Local Green House
  • Local Park