3 Common Blogger Mistakes You’re Probably Making and How to Avoid Them

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Hello, lovelies! There’s no single way to blog, but there are common mistakes that new bloggers can make. I started my blog over a year ago and learned a lot of these mistakes myself. With a few tweaks and tips, I overcame these mistakes to improve my blogging. These are 3 common mistakes:


Publishing a new blog post on your personal Facebook page is one way to increase page views, but your content is likely to only be seen by your Facebook friends list. Posting to Facebook is not enough. Share your content on other social media websites, or groups dedicated to blog promotion to increase your reach and page views. A helpful hint is to tell your audience about the blog post, instead of simply leaving the link on the page.


Blogs are largely about visuals. I like to include one main…

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Preston, Ontario History (pt.1)

Malcolm’s Mommy

In 1979, Preston became known as a little community nestled into a new city known as Cambridge. After amalgamating with the town of Hespeler, the City of Galt and the Village of Blair, The City of Cambridge was born. Before 1979, Preston had a beautiful yet somewhat of a scam business running. Follow along with this serious to find out the crazy history behind the small community of Preston.

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Preston Springs Hotel / Previously The Del Monte Hotel

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The Preston Springs Hotel is known for is decaying building that holds not only a healing history but also a haunted history too. Inspired from the Kress Hotel, the Preston Springs Hotel was built. Shuttered in the same year, its faced a different and unsettling fate. Left to decay and rot, the hotel is now boarded up to the public due to unsafe structure inside. People breaking in, urban explorers as well as self proclaimed ghost hunters have all visited the hotel and claim that the basement is so cold and has such a strong smell of rotten eggs, most avoid it. The ones who have explored into the hotels basement say you can still see the mineral spring waters bubbling up in the left side of the basement.

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#STAYHOME Tips on how to beat the blues when at home

Hannah's Wonderland

Hello my lovelies,

First of all, I just wanted to start this post by saying that I hope you’re all safe and well. It’s a strange time that we’re going through, and as we enter the second week of the UK lockdown, I wanted to share with you all a few forms of escapism that have helped me over the last couple of weeks.

Self-Care Matters

Whilst we may not be leaving the house for a while, it’s always important to look after yourself both mentally and physically. Each morning, after I’ve made my bed, I hop in the shower, brush my hair and apply my daily skincare. I’ve found that this has allowed me to have a sense of normality, and whilst I may be skipping makeup, it’s made me feel so much better!

Eat, Sleep, Blog Repeat

Now although people may have been sceptical about this over the…

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15 Top Unique Wedding favor ideas

I love the personalized drinking Glass. My friend actually did something similar with mini wine tumblers!!!

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Mint wedding favor

Source: BabyEssentialsByMel

A ‘favor’  mean “to show kindness”.  Wedding favors are small gifts from a bride and groom to their guests as a  gesture of  appreciation during a wedding function. These wedding favor ranges  from personalized use able goods to edible favors; like candies and candles, photo frames etc.

With a passage of time many new items are added as a favor and a new and attracting way of packaging that surely impress the guests.

Here are few top wedding favor ideas.

1.Customized Leather Key chain

Source: KatieKimStudio

2. EGGPLANT Pashminas

Source: WeddingWraps

3. Custom Printed CDs

CD Labels, CD Covers, cd wedding favors, DVD Covers, Printed cd Labels, Photography DVDs, Custom Printed CDs, photography portfolio covers

 Source: BrossieBelle

4. Sweet Jar Favor

Sweet Favours, Sweet Jar Favour, Wedding Favour,Candy Jar, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower

Source: Melysweddings

5. Embroidered Wedding Hankerchiefs

Pinterest Favorite, Embroidered Wedding Hankerchiefs, Wedding Gift,  By Canyon Embroidery

Source: CanyonEmbroidery

6. Photo On Wood

Source: DizzzyShop

7. Felted Soap

Felted Soap, Felted Soap Cake Slices, Felted Soap Cake, Felted Goats Milk Soap,  Wedding Favor Cake Guest Cake, Needle Felted Soap, Wooly

Source: ShantarasSoaps

8. Personalized wedding plate Matrimonio gift

Personalized wedding plate Matrimonio gift Bridal party shower Cooking shower Wedding favors for guests Rehearsal dinner Destination beach

Source: ArtBeyondLimit

9. Card Holders

50 Sea Urchin Shell Place Card Holders for Beach Wedding - Natural Pink - Reception Table Decor - Guest Escort Favor

Source: BeachyChicDecor

10. Fold able Ballet Flats

  Source: RollableFlats

11. Personalized Mugs

Personalized Mugs, Coffee Wedding Favor, Wedding Reception, Guest Gifts, Winter Wedding Favors, Dessert Bar, Coffee Bar, Hot Cocoa Bar, Mugs


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